D.A. Brooks Baker: On Investigating Gov Cuomo For Nursing Home Deaths

August 16, 2021

BATH, NY – As you, our radio listeners and online readers know, there were dozens of nursing home deaths in 2020, in both Hornell and Corning. With the news that the New York State Assembly’s Judiciary Committee is continuing their investigation into the governor, WLEA News asked Steuben County District Attorney Brooks Baker, if his office, like D.A.’s are in Manhattan, Nassau, Oswego and Westchester counties.

District Attorney Baker told us that at this point, the answer is “no”. The reason: “The difficulty would be trying to connect whatever happened in Albany with whatever happened (there), it did not happen here in Steuben County,” Baker said. “It would have happened when doors were closed and lights were drawn, and trying to get jurisdiction over that activity would be extremely difficult. We would have to establish that they (the governor’s office) had known what they were doing was going to have an effect on Steuben County, and then trying to actually find proof that it was done either out of negligence, recklessness or some criminal motive, would also be extremely difficult.”