December 11th: 52 New Cases In Steuben Co, One Death In Bath

BATH – The Steuben County Public Health Department received notification that 52 Steuben County residents tested positive for COVID-19. This brings the total to 2,383 confirmed cases, 423 of which are currently active.

The individuals are residents of the:

· City of Corning (5)

· City of Hornell (6)

· Town of Avoca

· Town of Bath (3)

· Town of Bradford (3)

· Town of Cameron

· Town of Canisteo

· Town of Caton

· Town of Corning

· Town of Erwin (8)

· Town of Greenwood

· Town of Hornby (2)

· Town of Hornellsville

· Town of Prattsburgh

· Town of Troupsburg (2)

· Town of Tuscarora (6)

· Town of Urbana

· Village of Addison (5)

· Village of North Hornell (3)

The individuals are isolated and being monitored by the County Health Department. Public Health staff investigated and identified close contacts of the confirmed cases and exposure risks. All those known to have direct contact with the individuals have been notified.

Per CDC and New York State Department of Health guidance, information is collected beginning 48 hours prior to symptom onset or date of test if asymptomatic through the day of the positive test result to identify any potential exposure risks.

The investigations indicate:

· 11 individuals had contact with previously reported Steuben positives

· Two individuals had contact with positive(s) for Thanksgiving

· Six individuals had contact with positives from other counties

· One individual is a resident of the Fred and Harriett Taylor Health Center

· Three individuals are employees of the Fred and Harriett Taylor Health Center and/or Ira Davenport Memorial Hospital

· One individual is an employee of Elderwood at Hornell

· One individual is an employee of Bethany Village in Horseheads

· One individual is an employee of Noyes Health

· One individual is an employee of Guthrie Corning Centerway

· One individual is an employee of NYSDOT in Hornell

· Two individuals are employees of Alstom in Hornell

· Seven individuals are employees of Corning, Inc.: two at the CMS Plant, two at Headquarters, two at Big Flats, and one at the Diesel Plant

· One individual is an employee of Alfred University

· One individual is an employee of the Jasper-Troupsburg Jr/Sr High School

· One individual is a student of Addison High School

· One individual is a student of Hornell High School

· One individual has reported visiting the Hornell VFW on dates already reported by previous positives along with additional dates: those who have been at the Hornell VFW in the past two weeks should monitor for symptoms and/or get tested

In addition to the locations noted above, the individuals reported visiting the following locations that could pose an exposure risk within their investigation timeframes:

· 11/29 Morning, 12/4 Afternoon, 12/7 Afternoon, 12/9 Evening – Wegmans in Hornell

· 11/30 Morning, 12/9 Opening Line & Afternoon, 12/10 Morning – Walmart in Painted Post

· 12/3 Morning – Aldi in Painted Post

· 12/3 – 12/5, 12/7, 12/8 – Hornell Area Family YMCA

· 12/4 Afternoon – American Legion in Hornell

· 12/4, 12/8, 12/10 – An Apple A Day Care in Corning

· 12/5 Morning – Minier’s in Big Flats

· 12/5 Morning, Afternoon – Wegmans in Corning

· 12/6 Late Evening – Hill Top Inn in Elmira

· 12/7 – Applebee’s in Painted Post

· 12/7 – The Vision Center in Big Flats

· 12/7 Afternoon – Walmart in Hornell

· 12/7 – 12/9 – Fairfield Inn & Suites by Marriott in Horseheads

· 12/2 -12/10 – Holiday Inn Express in Painted Post

· 12/8 – Charley’s Philly Steaks in Big Flats

· 12/8 Afternoon – Arnot Mall: Christopher & Banks

· 12/3 Afternoon, 12/4 Afternoon, 12/8 Evening – Dollar General in Jasper

· 12/8, 12/9 – CAF USA in Elmira Heights

· 12/8 Afternoon, 12/10 Evening – Walmart in Horseheads

· 12/9 Afternoon – Aldi in Hornell

· 12/9 Evening – Arnot Mall: Burlington, Food Court

· 12/9 Evening – Target in Big Flats

· 12/10 – Shirley’s Lumber in Bath

· 12/10 Evening – Dollar Tree in Bath

· 12/10 – Family Dollar in Bath

· 12/10 Evening – Tops in Bath

Today’s age groups for the positives are as follows:

· 0 – 9 years: 3

· 10 – 19 years: 4

· 20 – 29 years: 6

· 30 – 39 years: 7

· 40 – 49 years: 7

· 50 – 59 years: 12

· 60 – 69 years: 9

· 70 – 79 years: 4

“The information we share and the education we provide daily is in hopes that residents will take all necessary steps to slow the spread of COVID-19. This virus has been deadly for too many in our community, and we currently have over 30 patients in the hospitals,” said Public Health Director, Darlene Smith. “Our number of active cases has not dropped below 300 this week, and we’ve added over 100 new cases every other day. As the County Manager stated in his joint letter with St. James: We simply want people to stay as safe and healthy as possible and minimize their risk of exposure.”

The Steuben County Public Health Department also received notification of the death of an individual who had previously tested positive for COVID-19. This brings the total number of COVID-19 related deaths in Steuben County to 111. The individual was a 93 year-old female resident of the Fred and Harriett Taylor Health Center.

“Every death, particularly those in nursing homes, is incredibly sad,” said Public Health Director, Darlene Smith. “These residents who passed have spent their final days without the presence of their loved ones, which is heartbreaking. We must all do our part to minimize community spread of COVID to help protect our nursing home residents and staff.”

All residents should continue to monitor themselves for COVID-19 symptoms of fever, cough, shortness of breath, chills or repeated shaking with chills, muscle pain, headache, sore throat, and new loss of taste or smell and contact their healthcare provider for instructions if feeling ill.

For the latest Steuben County updates, visit Steuben County’s website at www.steubencony.org or social media pages: www.facebook.com/SCNYPublicHealth and www.instagram.com/SteubenPublicHealth.