Dems Keep Slamming Zeldin

July 16, 2022

Late in the week, The New York State Democrat Chair Jay Jacobs put out two statements about Republican Lee Zeldin. Below is a statement from the New York State Democrats about Zeldin’s recent congressional votes on guns:

Lee Zeldin again voted against commonsense gun safety legislation as the U.S. House of Representatives passed the Active Shooter Alert Act with 43 Republicans voting yes. The Active Shooter Alert bill would create a national alert network to help establish systems warning people about nearby active shooters.

Zeldin has a long history of promoting a dangerous pro-gun agenda across the nation and in New York State. At a campaign rally, Zeldin said New York State “should not have ‘Red Flag’ laws” and that people should “have a right to stand [their] ground.”

“Lee Zeldin needs to answer for his vote against this bipartisan bill that gives communities the tools necessary to inform the public about active shooter situations,” said NYS Democratic Party Chairman Jay S. Jacobs. “He is actively making our neighborhoods less safe by voting against this commonsense measure.”

Various police organizations, including The Fraternal Order of Police, The National Police Foundation, The National Sheriffs’ Association, The Major Cities Chiefs Association, The National Association of Police Officers, and The National Association of District Attorneys supported the bill.

Here is a statement about Zeldin allegedly forging campaign signatures:

“Lyin’ Lee” Zeldin’s campaign is in hot water again for submitting more than 11,000 fraudulent signatures to get on the Independent Party line. The failed attempt comes as Zeldin repeatedly endorsed the far-right conspiracy theory that the 2020 election was falsely decided.

Zeldin was denied the additional general election ballot line for the Independence Party after submitting more than 11,000 signatures that had been duplicated by photocopy. Ironically, Zeldin tweeted last year about the importance of ballot integrity, calling for “signature verification to be enacted by every state legislature in the nation.”