Deputies Save Prisoner’s Life

April 13, 2016
BATH, NY – Steuben County Sheriff Dave Cole is crediting two deputies for their life-saving efforts during the course of an arrest. Sheriff Cole reports that County deputies Coley Lewis-Ellison and Brandon Scott were in the process of an arrest of a suspect who was intoxicated. According to officials, when the suspect, who had refused medical help, stopped breathing, the deputies immediately took emergency medical steps and assisted Bath Ambulance and Advanced Life Support with the treatment of the suspect, who was transported to Ira Davenport Hospital, in Bath, and later airlifted to Highland Hospital, in Rochester.
“Left untreated, the man’s alcohol-induced overdose, would have resulted in his death,” the sheriff said. “Working as a team you were able to put into action your training and demonstrate the Sheriff’s Office ability to protect all citizens of Steuben County, even against themselves,” Cole said. “You are hereby commended for the outstanding example you set for the other members of the law enforcement community to look upon with great pride.”
Lewis-Ellison, Scott