Derrick Robie Legislation Update: O’Mara and Palmesano Issue Statement

May 26, 2016
(Photo: Senator Tom O’Mara, the Derrick Robie Family and Assemblyman Phil Palmesano.)
ALBANY, NY – State Senator Tom O’Mara (R, Big Flats) and Assemblyman Phil Palmesano (R, Corning) are criticizing the leadership of the Democrat majority in the Assembly. The two upstate GOP lawmakers say that the Dems are not allowing the legislation to make it so parole boards can make longer periods of time between parole hearings, for violent criminals. Palmesano says that the legislation was held in the Assembly Correction Committee, effectively ensuring that it won’t be acted on by the Assembly this session. O’Mara says that the State Senate has consistently approved the legislation, with strong bipartisan support.

In a joint statement, O’Mara and Palmesano said, “It’s disappointing, it’s frustrating, and it’s just not right. Once again, the Democratic leadership of the State Assembly has turned its back on the families of murder victims. The Assembly leadership’s inaction on this legislation means that Dale and Dori Robie and so many other families have to go on, every other year, reliving the pain and the horror of the crimes that took the lives they cherished. This is a reasonable piece of legislation that would be approved and enacted into law if the full Assembly was allowed to vote on it. Where’s the leadership’s sense of justice? Where’s the compassion for these families? Sadly, it’s where it usually is with the New York City leadership in the Assembly, with the criminal rather than the crime victim.”