DOT Rule Could Hurt Alstom In Hornell

April 24, 2015

HORNELL, NY – Mayor Shawn Hogan and Hornell Industrial Development Agency Chairman Sam Nasca are condemning a new proposal that the Department of Transportation in Washington, D.C. wants to pass, a rule could hurt Alstom in Hornell. “They can insist upon local content, from that particular city,” said Hogan, referring to officials in the areas that use train cars. “Which in retrospect, most would want the trains built in their community.” Hogan says it would be tremendously increase costs, because they would have to build a new factory or outfitting a new factory in that particular city, and add it to the cost of the contract. It’s not sustainable,” Hogan told WLEA News.

Hogan was pleased that Senator Chuck Schumer is against this plan by the D.O.T.   “I’m glad Schumer’s on top of it, and he’s going to be the number one guy in the senate, so there’s a guy that will come to our aid.”

It’s a proposal that’s not in place, but it’s a proposal, but they could issue it as a rule,” said Sam Nasca, Chairman of the Hornell IDA. “I don’t think it makes sense.”

update 4:45pm – Hornell’s state assemblyman, Bill Nojay issued the following statement: “It would be devastating to Alstom, it would be devastating to Hornell.”

update 6:17pm – Assemblyman Phil Palmesano says if something like this were to go through, it would have a tremendous negative impact on Alstom in Hornell.   “It’s something that really doesn’t make any sense, it won’t work and will certainly have a negative effect on the industry as a whole.”

Click here to read the proposal from the DOT’s website.

Click here to read Senator Chuck Schumer’s comments on this proposal, in the Albany Times Union.