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Dr. Annabel: St. James Surgeons Are The Doctors Who Will Be Most Affected

August 18 2014

HORNELL, NY – St. James Hospital’s New Vision Task Force is looking at having a new facility in North Hornell.  So what will happen to the current staff? According to Dr. Spencer Annabel, a member of the hospital’s New Vision Task Force, surgeons will be the most affected.  “The specialties that will be most directly impacted will be the surgeons,” Annabel told Kevin Doran.  “If you have inpatient beds, you can do surgery (for those) sick enough in the hospital for a few days to get better.    If you have only E.R.-holding beds, your patient can have ambulatory outpatient surgery,” said Annabel.

Click to listen to the Newsmaker Show with Dr. Annabel. 

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