Dr. Jim Tracy Under Fire For His Personal Blog Page

Hornell Native Dr. James Tracy In The Spotlight Again

December 16, 2013

Hornell native Dr. James Tracy is a communications professor at Florida Atlantic University, and his job there is in danger once again.

WPTV West Palm Beach television in Florida interviewed Florida Atlantic University President Mary Jane Saunders, and Saunders told the Florida NBC TV station that she’s from Boston, and that she does not like what Professor Tracy wrote on his blog, where Tracy questioning the aspects of what happened on the day of the Boston Marathon Bombing.

The FAU president told WPTV that FAU is looking over Dr. Tracy’s contract, to see if Tracy is in violation of his contract for having possibly broken the school’s orders to distance himself from Florida Atlantic University, on his webpage, memoryholeblog.com.

Tracy spoke recently of what it’s like to be in the spotlight for holding views that are not popular. “I think that in part it had to do with creating an example, perhaps for other individuals, other professionals, whether they be professors or what have you, to not go in that direction. Because if you do, then we’re going to threaten you, with taking away your livelihood, or at the very least, defaming you,” Tracy told Joe Joseph, on the online Freedom Link radio show.

Tracy has been defended by the American Association of University Professors, an organization that claims that Dr. James Tracy has a right to speak on these matters, under principles of academic freedom, without fear of institutional discipline.