East Avon Fireman Injured In Fire

March 5, 2016
Photo provided by the Livingston County Sheriffs Office, was attributed to the East Avon Fire Departments Facebook page.
LIMA, NY – Livingston County Sheriff Tom Dougherty reports that a fireman from East Avon was taken to Strong Memorial Hospital for second degree burns he suffered while fighting a fire at a garage on Poplar Road in the Town of Lima, in the early morning hours.
Sheriff Dougherty also says that the preliminary cause of the fire is believed to be hot ashes taken out of a wood stove and placed inside a container that was inside the garage attached to the residence.
“This is a good reminder of two very important topics,” stated Sheriff Dougherty. “One, never place hot ashes in your home, near your home or in your out buildings. Two, our volunteer firefighters in Livingston County are simply the best. They volunteer their time to protect our residents and risk injury or worse every time they are called to a scene. The injured member of the East Avon Fire Department is in our thoughts and prayers for a quick recovery.”