2022 Election Results

November 8, 2022

(Remember, at this point, all results are, still unofficial)

Joe McKay (R), defeats Hornell 3rd Ward Alderman Cedric Cooper (D) 135-66
Hornell Judge David Coddington (R) wins re-election, getting 1,819 votes.

On the propositions on the back of the ballot for Steuben County voters,
on the new York state prop about environmental issues, there were 17, 702 NO votes
and 14,411 YES votes for the state prop.

On the county wide proposition for redistricting
NO VOTES – there were 19,363 NO votes
YES VOTES – there were 11, 919 YES votes on the redistricting prop


10,131 of 14,296 Districts reporting
Kathy Hochul 55.12 % 2,377,196 votes
Lee Zeldin 43.99 % 1,897,090 votes

Hochul gave a victory speech, Zeldin would not concede.

10,109 of 14,296 Districts reporting
Letitia James 56% 2,390,261 votes
Michael Henry 41% 1,788,961 votes

552 of 667 Districs reporting
Max Della Pia 37% 93,957 votes
Nick Langworthy 60% 164,628 votes

Max Della Pia concedes to Nick Langworthy:
“I want to thank all the voters who trusted me with their vote, and the volunteers and family who have been with me on this ride. While I regret not being able to serve you in Congress, I can assure you the effort to run was worth it. It is always important to provide the voters a choice, even when the odds are against you. The election results show many voters want their Representative to be bipartisan and oriented toward public service rather than one committed to divisive partisanship and self-interest. Unfortunately, there were not enough of them.
The results of today’s election will have consequences. My hope is that voters will not give up on the election process or our democracy but will rather recommit themselves to responsible government motivated by public service rather than by party, money, power, and ego. In the future, I hope we will be led by our better angels and principles, so that our country will truly become one nation indivisible, with the fulfilled promise of liberty and justice for all.” said Della Pia.

122 of 139 Districts reporting
Sara Spezzano 32% 16,399 votes
Marjorie Byrnes 65% 32,996 votes