Elmira In State Of Emergency Over Migrants

May 11, 2023

Chemung County Executive Chris Moss is declaring a local state of emergency there. Moss says that there are too many migrants coming up from the state of Texas to New York City, and New York City is sending them to Chemung County. County Executive Chris Moss says in his emergency order that Chemung County is not capable of taking in all these people, and that no hotels or motels can take the migrants in. The Chemung County Executive also says, anyone that breaks the rules will be fined up to $2,000 a day per migrant, for housing them.

Chemung County is not the only place where this is happening, Governor Kathy Hochul is condemning other county executive orders like these, that are being signed around the state. The New York Post reports that the governor is looking into the constitutionality of the county executive orders which ban migrants from coming in.

Steuben County Manger Jack Wheeler says, the issue is not happening here. “There is absolutely no indication that migrants have or will be placed in Steuben,” Wheeler said. “If something changed, we would obviously alert the public.”