Eric Smith Is Now Out Of Prison

February 1, 2022

BATH, NY – Steuben County District Attorney Brooks Baker tells Wlea News, that convicted killer Eric Smith, has been released from prison. “He was released to New York State Division Of Parole’s supervision in Queens County, NY,” Baker said. “This was one of the most disturbing and tragic cases that we’ve experienced here in Steuben County, and certainly in my 27 years in the D.A.’s Office. The fact that he ever gets out, it just doesn’t feel right but it’s not our decision. That, was a parole board decision. I think we’re all breathing a little bit of a sigh of relief that they did not send him back where he wanted to go: back to Steuben County.

“The fact that he is at least not here, keeps him away from – and out of sight and mind – of the victims and the people who were traumatized, by the horrible things that he did, at least a little while longer. So that is maybe, the only plus, to this, is that he is not here, and he has to stay there, at least during the parole time period.”