Errigo/Byrnes Race Update: Errigo Makes Complaint, Byrnes Says It’s A Dirty Trick

August 11, 2018

LIVINGSTON COUNTY, NY – The LCN.com reports that Republican Assemblyman Joe Errigo has filed a complaint with the Livingston County District Attorney’s office. It’s a complaint against his opponent Marjorie Byrnes, who gave a check for $20,000, several months ago to Jason McGuire, who was then the Conservative Party leader in Livingston County to become her campaign manager. The Conservative Party also gave an endorsement to Marjorie Byrnes, and Errigo wants this investigated, saying that $20,000 is far more money than usual, to run a campaign.

Marjorie Byrnes says that the timing of the check and the timing of the endorsement are not suspicious, and she maintains that all this talk about the check given to the former Livingston County Conservative party leader, is a political dirty trick from Joe Errigo. Byrnes goes out of her way to point out that Errigo gave an endorsement to then State Attorney General Andrew Cuomo back in 2010, when Cuomo was running for governor the first time, a slam by Byrnes against Errigo’s conservative credibility.

Click here to see full story about Errigo complaint, from the LCN.com.
Click here for response from Marjorie Byrnes.