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Everpower Responds To Hartsville Supervisor

October 15, 2015
Everpower Project Manager Kevin Sheen has issued the following statement, in response to what Hartsville Town Supervisor Mike Muhleisan stated at the Wednesday night, October 14th meeting:
“I have attended Town Board meetings in the past and have been very responsive to questions put to me and will continue to do so in the future. In addition, I have told Town Board Members that I am available, how to contact me, and they can reach out to me with questions or to invite me to attend a board meeting if they had questions.  Neither Mr. Muhlheisan nor other Town Board Members have ever reached out to me with any questions, nor have they invited me to a town board meeting. In the past, we have attended town board meetings in other towns within the area and those supervisors and town board members have followed up with additional phone calls and questions and have asked me to speak at their board meetings if necessary. That being said, the Company does not have any pending applications or matters before the Board, so unless the Town reaches out to us with questions, we do not have any reason to attend the meetings at this time.”
The Everpower Project Manager continued.  “I can tell you that most recent wind projects built in NY provide per MW benefits to the taxing jurisdictions in the form of a PILOT or Host Community Agreement or a combination of the two. It is my understanding that SCIDA has set the PILOT for these types of Projects at $5,200 per year and if that holds true, the Town is correct, they will receive approximately 22% of that or about $1,100 from the PILOT Agreement. However, as I mentioned, additional benefits for projects can also include a Host Community Agreement and the opportunity for additional per MW benefits in addition to the PILOT Agreement.
At this point I’m certain that the Town Board knows this because it has been explained to them several times and their constant comments that they “will only get about $1,000” per MW does not fully disclose the potential benefits from the project. Just as an example, a 50 MW wind project based on PILOT and Host Community Agreement benefits could bring the town approximately $200,000 per year in combined PILOT and Host Community Agreement funds which many believe would be a big boost to the Town’s annual budgets.”

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