Everpower Wants To Be Going In Hornellsville and Hartsville By 2017

January 13 2015

kevin sheen

Everpower’s Kevin Sheen

STEUBEN COUNTY, NY – Kevin Sheen from Everpower Wind spoke at the Tuesday night Hornellsville Town monthly meeting.

Sheen announced that he has been talking with area landowners and that so far, between Hornellsville and Hartsville.  Everpower has 35 to 40 percent of property owners they’d like to see have wind power.  According to Sheen, Everpower will be posting the names of the property owners who will be participating in the wind project, online.

Sheen also noted that Everpower is looking at setting up 10 to 12 wind turbines in Hornellsville, and says that the wind project will be going by 2017.

Also, Bob Mauro is now on the Hornellsville Town Board, and Diane Jones is now the Hornellsville Town Justice.

Listen to Kevin Sheen address the board: