Everpower: We’re Moving Ahead in Hornellsville

May 27, 2015

HORNELLSVILLE, NY – Town Supervisor Ken Isaman tells WLEA News that Everpower has decided to go ahead with wind turbines in Hornellsville, even without the original Hartsville project.  Originally, Everpower and other wind companies wanted both Hornellsville and Hartsville, and wind representatives for years, have said publicly that they were not going to try projects in Hornellsville, if Hartsville was not going to be a part of the wind farm project.


But that’s not the case as of today.  Hornellsville Supervisor Isaman has received a letter from Everpower Wind Developer Kevin Sheen.  In this letter, Sheen says this new project will be in the following towns: Dansville, Howard, Avoca, Fremont, Hornellsville, Wayland and Cohocton.


“Over the past few years, we’ve been working to develop a wind farm called the Baron Winds Wind Project in Steuben County,” wrote Sheen.  “The project is a proposed 300 megawatt farm, including up to 120 turbines.”


Town Supervisor Ken Isaman is very pleased with this news.  “This is great news, as towns and villages look for new revenue sources to keep our tax rate down,” Isaman said.


Isaman also says the wind turbines will be up towards Big Creek Road, towards Howard.