Everpower Wind Talks To Hartsville Town Board

January 15, 2015

HARTSVILLE, NY – Kevin Sheen from Everpower Wind spoke at the Hartsville Town Hall last night. The night before that, Sheen was at the Hornellsville Town Board meeting. That’s because Everpower wants a wind project in both towns.

At the Hartsville meeting, Kevin Sheen said that Everpower has enough land owners in Hartsville to move forward, and that would be 40 to 60 wind turbines for Hartsville. However, Sheen seems to want a change to the Hartsville wind law. He maintains that the wind law’s rule about having to put the wind turbine 2500 feet from the neighbor’s property is obstacle. According to Kevin Sheen, Everpower would have to get many waivers to get permission to place wind turbines closer than 2500 feet from the neighbors. “That’s a lot to manage,” Sheen told the town board. “Frankly, if we sited 40 or 50 turbines, give or take, in that area, I would say we would be close to getting a waiver setback from every town resident.”


kevin sheen

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