Facebook and Ceglia’s Out of Town Lawyers

January 29, 2016
Attorneys for Facebook owner Mark Zuckerberg are continuing to pursue lawsuits against the major law firms who were brought on board the Ceglia vs. Facebook case by attorney Paul Argentieri, where Wellsville native Paul Ceglia sued Facebook, claiming 84 percent ownership.
Paul Ceglia, who filed a lawsuit against Facebook in the summer of 2010, disappeared in March, 2015, from his Wellsville home, along with his wife and two young sons.
The American Lawyer website reports that the latest in the case, is that Zuckerberg is going to continue pursuing litigation against Milberg and DLA Piper. According to AmericanLawyer.com, Zuckerberg maintains that the contract that Ceglia produced was a fraudulent document, and the Facebook owner believes that the attorneys who tried to sue Facebook for ownership, knew that Ceglia’s contract was faked.
“Facebook Inc. still isn’t ready to abandon its quest to hold DLA Piper and other law firms liable for representing accused fraudster Paul Ceglia in his failed lawsuit asserting a multibillion-dollar ownership stake in the social networking giant,” Scott Flahrety wrote in the American Lawyer. “In court papers filed Thursday, Facebook’s lawyers pressed to revive the company’s malicious prosecution and attorney deceit case against DLA Piper; Milberg; Buffalo, New York-based Lippes Matthias Wexler Friedman; and eight individual lawyers.”

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