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FB/Ceglia Update: Paul Ceglia’s New Letter?

August 23, 2016

A letter that has been posted online, has been attributed to Wellsville native Paul Ceglia, who disappeared in March of 2015, after several years of news stories of lawsuits between Ceglia and Facebook owner Mark Zuckerberg. In the letter, which claims to be written by Ceglia, “Ceglia” says he wanst to sue the U.S. “I am seeking Political Asylum in a country that has expressed real interest in my case and we are on track to make an announcement soon. I have been fortunate to find a great team of lawyers, experienced in international human rights. I am
going to sue the United States for Human Rights violations at The Hague, under some of their lesser known provisions.”

Below is a part of the letter:

“If after a trial is concluded a US attorney wants to bring perjury charges from the same district where the lawsuit was heard, well it is their right to do so. But intervening in the middle of a case, from a different district, where the criminal charges stem from the central issues yet to be resolved in that civil case, is Banana Republic… more accurately… Goldman Republic tactics that cannot be tolerated if a true democracy is to survive. In my case, the arrest warrant (for the first time ever using mail and wire fraud for filing documents in a civil case) came from a different district where the US attorney Preet Bharara, not only worked for the same firm defending Facebook but also where those Facebook lawyers, Orin Snyder and Alex Southwell, worked for years as prosecutors.”

WKBW pointed out that there is no verification that the letter was actually written by Ceglia.

Click here to read WKBW’s story about the letter,
click here to read the website that the letter was posted on.

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