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Fireworks At July 8th Hornellsville Meeting

Fireworks at Hornellsville Meeting
July 9 2014

HORNELLSVILLE, NY – For many months now, Hornellsville businessman Larry Hot Dog Stephens and North Hornell Village Trustee Frank Libordi have been coming to Hornellsville Town meetings. At recent town meetings, Libordi and Stephens have questioned the capabilities of Hornellsville Town Clerk Sheryl Isaman. At last night’s Hornellsville meeting, Town Supervisor Ken Isaman addressed the freedom of information requests that Ste1phens has made about Hornellsville Town Hall salaries. Supervisor Isaman pointed out that Libordi’s wife, North Hornell Village Clerk Kris Libordi, makes $37,000 a year, serving about 850 North Hornell residents, in addition to Mrs. Libordi getting about $3,000 a year for cleaning duties at the village hall. Ken Isaman compared Kris Libordi’s salary with what Hornellsville Clerk Sheryl Ismaman makes. Ken Isaman says Sheryl Isaman makes about $30,000, which is $10,000 less than North Hornell clerk Kris Libordi, and Ken Isaman pointed out that Sheryl Isaman serves over 4,000 residents in Hornellsville, compared to North Hornell’s population of 851. Isaman went on to point out that clerks in Erwin, Corning, and elsewhere, make less than Kris Libordi, while serving more residents.

A check of SeeThroughNY’s website shows that Kris Libordi makes $37,000, though we were unable to find what Sheryl Isaman is paid on that website, as Isaman is not listed.

Larry Stephens was angry that he was limited to three minutes at public comment, while others talked longer than he is allowed to. Stephens says he may go to “plan B”, soon, though he did not specify what “plan B” was. Stephens also reiterated statements about how Sheryl Isaman is paid $40.00 an hour. Supervisor Ken Isaman says Sheryl is an elected official and salaried employee, who is not paid by the hour. Hornellsville Board member Ron Kennell says Stephens time to speak has been limited to three minutes, because Stephens asks the same questions repeatedly. “That’s because I don’t get no answers,” Stephens replied.

North Hornell village trustee Frank Libordi wanted to know if the report requested by the State Comptroller’s Office had been completed yet, Supervisor Isaman answered no. Hornellsville resident Joanne Terwilliger complained about codes officer Shawn Grasby, and Terwilliger said her neighbor was in codes violation. Terwilliger also threatened a lawsuit against the Town of Hornellsville. An attempt to reach Grasby by telephone before this posting, was not successful.

Also at the Tuesday evening meeting, former Hornellsville Highway Superintendent Ray Kring was in attendance. Kring told Town Board member Ron Kennell that Kennell should not blame him (Kring) for work done by the Hornellsville Highway Department on Knoll Top.

Kring also noted he might run for office in Hornellsville again.

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