First Lawsuit Against The New Maps, Will Be In Steuben Co Court

February 4, 2022

BATH, NY – As expected, a lawsuit has filed against Governor Kathy Hochul, for approving the congressional maps for New York State. What we did not know, is that the lawsuit was going to be filed here in Steuben County Court.

The lawfirm representing the case, is Kaiser, Maloney and Winner out of Elmira. Wlea caught up with Winner, who says he will be a co-counsel on this case. According to Attorney Winner, this case will move up through the court quickly, but there won’t be endless lawsuits. “I would assume the appellete courts will be hearing this matter as well as the local court in Steuben County, and I’m sure this will go right to the court of appeals,” Winner said. “We believe the constitution means what it says, and what it says is, that partisan gerrymandering is no longer permitted under the constitution. That’s clearly what happened, in the case, with the adoption of these maps.”

Winner also noted, that this new lawsuit will probably be amended, to include legal action against the maps drawn for the state senate.