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Fucci And Sciotti Honored Today At Hornell City Hall

November 16, 2023

HORNELL, NY – This morning at 10am at the Public Works Meeting, Mayor John Buckley honored Lenny Fucci and Tony Sciotti for five decades of service to the city of Hornell.

In the meeting, the Water Pollution Control Center reported that they are working on getting PFAS and phosphorus out of the town’s water system.
Neither are currently at or anywhere close to unsafe levels, but the city wants to make sure that they have a system in place if the levels were to rise.

The Water Filtration Plant flushed the city’s fire hydrants in October.

Before they flushed the hydrants, a few water customers had been seeing intermittent discolored water in their water but they have not had any issues or complaints since the water was flushed. There have been talks about potentially adding another flushing cycle for 2024 to make sure that there isn’t enough time between flushes for intermittent discolored water to back up, and get into industrial or residential water.

The Public Works Department has mostly been working on installing Christmas decorations throughout the city and had their first load of salt for the year delivered earlier this month. The city has received several positive comments about the Christmas decorations around town.

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