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GOP Files Lawsuit Over Absentees Sent To Dems

October 4, 2022

The New York State Democrat Party sent out absentee ballot applications this year, and it has a box that was pre-checked, that about wanting to vote early because of covid. Republicans are suing over that.

Democrats say, the pre-checked box about covid, could have a line drawn through it, and they say, that was pointed out in the application.

Below is Congressional candidate Max Della Pia (D, Tioga Co)’s response:
“Quite frankly, I am not a big fan of the idea of pre-marking the application with a reason for the Absentee Ballot Request, but it is not illegal. One thing is abundantly clear—the remedies sought in this suit by the Republican Party are clearly intended to disenfranchise and inconvenience anyone who returns one of these applications to the Board of Elections. It puts the voter in the position of having to fight to get his or her vote counted. That is unAmerican.

“Nick Langworthy, on the other hand, had 11,000 signatures photocopied at his headquarters to get Lee Zeldin on the Independent line. If he cares about real election fraud, then he should put out a public statement right away and come clean about his involvement in that scandal.”

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