Gov. Cuomo Criticized By Times Union and Buffalo News

February 19, 2018

ALBANY, NY – Governor Andrew Cuomo was the subject of some critical media reports over the weekend. The Legislative Gazette reported that the governor kept the list of those he pardoned this year, secret. The governor’s spokesman was quoted as saying that this year, the pardons were done quietly in order to protect the identity of the prisoners who were pardoned, because their crimes were committed at a young age, and to better give them a second chance. However, speculation is that the governor might have pardoned those close to him who are accused by federal officials of corruption. Click here for full story.

Also, the Buffalo News criticized Governor Cuomo’s proposal for allowing schools and town, village and city halls, to set up their own charitable foundations. The Buffalo News criticized the governor’s plan, saying that local officials already have enough to do, without having to run a charitable foundation or hiring someone else to run a charitable foundation. Click here for full story from Buffalo News.