Gov. Cuomo Going After Utilities

August 5, 2020

From Governor Cuomo:

“We know that severe weather is our new reality and the reckless disregard by utility companies to adequately plan for tropical storm Isaias left tens of thousands of customers in the dark, literally and figuratively. Their performance was unacceptable.

“The large volume of outages and the utilities’ failure to communicate with customers in real time proves they did not live up to their legal obligations. The fact that many customers still do not know when their power will be restored makes it even more unacceptable. The worst of this situation was avoidable, and it cannot happen again.

“I am directing the state Department of Public Service to launch an investigation into Verizon, PSEG Long Island, Con Edison, Central Hudson Gas & Electric, Orange and Rockland Utilities, and New York State Electric & Gas to understand how such a failure could have taken place. New Yorkers deserve answers and they deserve better.

“In the meantime, DPS is working around the clock with leadership at the utilities to ensure restoration of service as quickly and safely as possible. Utilities have deployed 7,000 workers to help with damage response and restoration and service. We are also asking New Yorkers in affected areas to check in on their neighbors, especially seniors, to ensure they are safe.”