Gov Hochul’s Statement About Her Newly Sworn In Lt. Governor

September 9, 2021

Governor Hochul: “I’ve found a person who knows what it’s like to struggle, to work hard, to make something of his life, and to now return his service to the community. That is, my friends, the American dream, how someone who started out with little rose to where he is today, but now turns back and doesn’t think about himself. He thinks about how he can serve not just his Senatorial district, but now he’ll be helping me serve 20 million New Yorkers. It’s an extraordinary responsibility. I wouldn’t have asked you if I didn’t think you’re up for the task. And I know you are.”

Lieutenant Governor Brian Benjamin: “Thank you, Governor, for putting your trust in me. New York State, I will do everything I can to make sure that those who are living at the margins, those who are struggling, those who are overlooked will have a seat at the table, and we will make sure that there’s fairness, accountability, and good practical decision-making that governs our activities. And thank you so much, Governor Hochul, for this opportunity to serve. I will not let you down. New York State, I will not let you down, either.”