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Governor Announces 75 Million For State Highway Repaving

June 22, 2015

Governor Andrew Cuomo announced this morning that there is $75,000,000 available for state highway repaving.

Congressman Tom Reed says that he appreciates the collaborative efforts on the state level to ensure transportation needs. Senator Chuck Schumer says this will help commuters, businesses and visitors move across new york with greater ease and safety.

“Depending on the location,” the governor said, “the New York State Department of Transportation’s resurfacing projects will include paving over sections of rough road, removing the worn top layer of pavement from all travel lanes and shoulders, repairing base concrete and/or asphalt and installing a new asphalt riding surface. Wherever practical, pavement that is removed will be recycled and reused, either at the same location or in future construction. Traffic signal vehicle detectors will be replaced and new pavement markings will be installed as needed.

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