Governor Cuomo Accuses President Trump of Not Respecting Women

January 20, 2018

NEW YORK, NY – Governor Andrew Cuomo gave the following speech in NYC on Saturday, at the Women’s March there:

We are standing on a spot, we have a moment in history and it is a highly energized moment. And we have a line back and we have a line forward. The line back is where the federal government wants to take us and where they are taking us. The line back is very clear: you have a President of the United States who simply does not respect women. It’s that simple. Before policy and before issues, it’s a simple issue of respect and perception of the relationship. And to this President, women are all about a Miss America contest. That’s what it’s all about. There was even a remark a couple of weeks ago, “Why don’t we invite more Norwegians?” he’s still thinking Miss American Contest. It’s then coupled with a Congress that is an extreme, conservative, socially conservative Congress that is rolling back all the progress that we’ve made. Roe v. Wade – rolled back. Contraceptive care – rolled back. Equal pay rights – rolled back. Anti-discrimination laws – rolled back. Sexual harassment on campus policies – rolled back. It’s clear where they’re going and it’s clear what they believe. They don’t hide what they believe. They don’t secret what they believe. They are extremely conservative when it comes to social issues and that’s what they’ve been pushing from day one. And they’re saying, “Go back here.”

New York is setting the line forward. Why? Because that’s what New York does.
Click here to see full video of the speech (2 minutes and 11 seconds)