Governor Cuomo Recalls How NYC Helped Buffalo

January 24, 2016
Governor Andrew Cuomo spoke this morning about the 2016 blizzard that hit downstate New York. “This storm was very dangerous, current estimates are about 19 lives that were lost along the eastern seaboard by this storm.” The governor noted that several New Yorkers died from being outside during the storm. “We did unfortunately lose five New Yorkers from heart attack related deaths from shoveling snow, which is something I caution people today,” said Governor Cuomo. “If you are old like me, you want to think twice before you go out there and start shoveling, at least that’s the excuse I use not to shovel any snow today.”
The governor also recalled the high snow in Buffalo from last year, and how New York City helped Buffalo out, during that storm. “Last year, we had seven feet of snow in Buffalo, just to put in for New Yorkers downstate, we had a lot of snow. Seven feet of snow is a lot of snow. Seven feet of snow in Buffalo and I called Mayor de Blasio and he had sent up NYPD and fire department personnel. I met the fire department personnel in Buffalo and I said, you know, I want to thank you very much for being here. It is a long ride in a fire truck from New York City to Buffalo. They said without hesitation, you know, everybody was there for us after 9/11 and we’ll never forget that and when anybody in the state needs help, we’re going to be there.”