Governor Cuomo Vetoes His Own Teacher Evaluation Bill

December 30 2014
ALBANY, NY – Gannett News is reporting that Governor Andrew Cuomo made a surprise move last night and vetoed his own teacher evaluation legislation, which he introduced 6 months ago.

Gannett is reporting that the bill would have removed common core test scores from teacher evaluations when the teachers rated poorly.  Last night’s veto comes after a new report from state comptroller’s office which says that 95 percent of teachers are rated as effective.  The governor is quoted as saying that with a 95 percent effectiveness rating of New York State teachers, the new evaluation system is no longer needed.

However, before you start thinking that the governor has changed his tune on teachers, the governor also says that quote: “These temporary provisions do not fix the foundational issues with the teacher evaluation system,” and that “given what we know now, it would make no sense to sign this bill and further inflate these already inflated ratings.”

So the battle between the governor and educators continues.

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