Governor’s State of the State Speech (Video)

Governor Cuomo’s State of the State Speech, 2014

January 9, 2014

ALBANY, NY – Governor Andrew Cuomo delivered his state of the state speech yesterday afternoon.

“Three years ago, we pledged to make the government work for the people of New York, transform our economy by reducing taxes and attracting business, develop world-class schools that give every student opportunity, and make New York a progressive leader once again,” Governor Cuomo said. “Today, we have hundreds of thousands more private sector jobs, a lower unemployment rate in all ten regions of the state, schools that are held accountable for our children’s success, safer communities, more affordable healthcare and a fairer, more just state. This year, we will build on that success. For 2014, we have put forth the most comprehensive plan for the future of New York yet. This agenda will grow the economy and provide fiscal relief to taxpayers, give our schools the classrooms of tomorrow, reimagine infrastructure across the state to face the new climate reality, and take steps to make our communities safer, fairer, cleaner and more progressive. Working together, we will continue to move New York forward.”

State of the State 2014 – Video