Harry Wilson Is On The Campaign Trail/Radio Circuit

June 9, 2022

With the June 28th primary coming up, Westchester County Republican candidate for Governor Harry Wilson is on the campaign trail. Wilson, who was on the Wlea Newsmaker Show this morning, says, one of his big goals, if he’s elected, is to fight lobbyist against money, being so powerful, in Albany. “Most of the money is spending in programs” Wilson said. “Now you say to yourself, ‘now why does NY do it so badly?’ “It’s because we have a corrupt system, where insiders seek favor and get rewarded. So some of these programs, they are not good for the average New Yorker, but they are good for whoever is lobbying for those results. And they (lobbyists) will fight me tooth and nail.”

Wilson also says, he wants to make sure that state legislators go unpaid, until taxes are gotten under control.
Click here for the full Newsmaker Show with Wilson.