Hartsville Meeting Gets Very Testy

March 16 2017

HARTSVILLE, NY – At the Wednesday night, March 15th Hartsville Town meeting, no replacement was chosen for the late Jim Perry. For much of the meeting, Hartsville Town Supervisor John Bowles read aloud a letter from former Hartsville Town Board member Maddie Parini, and there was a good deal of discussion about the contents of that letter. There was much back and forth, between town board member Tom Dobell and Hartsville Supervisor John Bowles, over who has the right to make certain town decisions, the supervisor or the full town board. Bowles was confronted throughout the meeting by former Hartsville board members Maddie Parini and Mike Mulhesian, for making decisions on his own, without the board’s approval. Bowles maintained that the Association of Towns and other organizations told him that he was justified in his decisions as town supervisor.

After the meeting was over, former Hartsville Town Board member Ron Amidon talked about a strongly worded, four lettered word letter, which was sent around to some Hartsville residents, blaming them for the death of Jim Perry, who died of heart problems last week.

Then, things got heated between Hartsville resident Stuart Perks and former town board member Ron Amidon.