Hartsville Town Meeting Focuses On Recent Tribune Article

September 9, 2015
HARTSVILLE, NY – In Monday’s edition of the Hornell Evening Tribune, there was an article in which Hartsville pro-wind activists, John and Carol Bowles were quoted as accusing Hartsville elected officials of not keeping Hartsville town records in an organized fashion.
In the Tribune article, Carol Bowles was quoted as saying:
“Someplace along the line she (the town clerk) should resolve that because we FOIL documents, we request documents and she says ‘Nobody gave them to me, so I don’t have them so I can’t give them to you,'” Carole Bowles said. “Well, they’re supposed to be in the town records.”
The Bowles were also quoted by the Tribune, as implying that there was probably money missing from Hartsville Town hall.  “We’re trying to FOIL records, at this point, that concern what happened to some money that we know was out there and we didn’t find out until after the fact that there was money involved,” John Bowles said. “It’s not a great deal of money but it doesn’t show up in the budget, it never showed up in the budget, it never showed up going into the bank account, it never showed up as being anywhere.”
Former Hartsville Supervisor Zena Andrus spoke during the Wednesday night public comment part of the meeting.  Andrus stated that getting FOIL request from John and Carol Bowles, goes back as far as when Steve Dombert was the Hartsville Town Supervisor.
(see video below)

Hartsville Town Supervisor Mike Muhliesan says that John and Carol Bowles are trying to sway public opinion in the upcoming November elections, and that none of this would be happening if the Bowles and others, did not want a wind project.
Neither Mr. or Mrs. Bowles were at the meeting on Wednesday night.
The current town board is not in favor of wind in Hartsville.