Hartsville Unfinished Races Will Be Counted Today

September 20, 2017

BATH, NY – This morning at 10 am in the south conference room at the Steuben County office building, the County Board of Elections will be opening the absentee ballots for the Hartsville Town races.
The two races that have been too close to call are the town supervisors race and the town clerks race. In the supervisors race, it’s a 6 point race, with Bowles having 57 votes and Howe has 51 votes. In the town clerks race, it’s a 2 point race, with Vivian Woodworth at 56 votes and Kay Miles has 54 votes.

As soon as we know the results, we’ll report on them here online at Wlea.net.

(12:14pm – This story has been updated, to accurately present the orginal vote count for the town clerk race.)