Hartsville Takes First Step To Amend Wind Law

November 29th, 2017

HARTSVILLE, NY – The town of Hartsville, with the votes of newly elected councilperson Rodney Caward, got right to business Wednesday night approving all three resolutions before them.

The first resolution passed dealt with approval to hold a public hearing on the purchase of a new loader. The town plans to purchase the new loader at a cost a cost of $150,000, mostly which will be financed through a low or no interest loan. A sticking point for town board member Dobell, was a $25,000 donation toward the loader that will be acquired through an anonymous source, of which Bowles would not reveal. Tom Dobell, the only veto on the resolution, questioned whether the $25,000 was a kickback from a wind company, with Supervisor John Bowles replying, “Absolutely not! I am not revealing the source of the donation because anonymous means just that, but I can absolutely tell you it has nothing to do with windfarms.” A public hearing on the purchase of a new loader will be held on December 13th at 6:30pm, right before the regularly scheduled meeting.

The second resolution passed will allow the Deputy Town Clerk (Carol Bowles) to sign tax collector checks to pay money to the general fund in order to pay taxes. Again, Dobell argued the point that an audit needs to be performed before access is granted. Carol Bowles maintainst that numerous third parties have reviewed the books, and everything at this point is right to the tee, and an audit is not necessary.

The third, and last resolution passed will allow the town to amend local wind law #2, which will explore the possibilities/advantages of allowing windfarms into the township. According to Bowles, this will be just the first step. “The current wind laws are overly restrictive,” said Bowles, “And it is in our best interest to explore all avenues pertaining to this matter. This will definitely be a slow process, as public hearings will be held and studies will be done. Also public opinion will definitely be taken into consideration, and I don’t expect any concrete decisions to move forward before February of next year.” As with all other resolutions, this passed three to one with outgoing councilmen Tom Dobell the only nay vote.