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Hartsville Wind Update

March 10, 2016
HARTSVILLE, NY – The Hartsville town board met in front of a packed house of 41 people last night in their monthly meeting. The fire contract was officially signed after the board had time to review the amended final copy. Again that was only for one year instead of the Canisteo village’s proposed three years.

Next Era was in attendance and gave their presentation about the possibility of placing wind farms in the town. Next Era recently visited Hornellsville with their proposal. Mike Palmer inquired about if the board was willing to go forward with Everpower and let them conduct a sound study in April. Board members Jim Perry and Mike Mulheisen were still apprehensive for the fact that they are not completely convinced that Everpower will fully comply with their local town laws. Palmer revisited all the positives of allowing wind farming such as lower taxes, help with a fire contract, and better funding for roads but it still was not enough to sway fellow board members. “It’s not that were against the business of wind farming in our area,” stated Mulheisen, “It’s our fear that they will not respect our local laws and wishes.” Jim Perry commented, “Our local are in place to protect the town, and I am not fully convinced Everpower will abide by them. I would like Kevin Sheen to be more specific about what he expects from us.”
In other news, George Askins will be appointed to the Grievance Board upon the resignation of a current member.
New Hartsville Deputy Clerk John Bowles has requested a refund of around $125 for foil requests that he had to pay for that Bowles claimed were irrelevant to what he was seeking. Former Hartsville Town Clerk Kay Miles, who was present, said that Bowles did in fact receive the FOIL requests that he asked for. It was decided to review the foil and make a decision about whether the 500 plus pages returned to him were relevant to his requests.

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