Hochul Vs Zeldin – The Latest There

October 24, 2022

Tomorrow, it will be exactly, two weeks from election day. The New York Times and the Albany Times Union, both endorsed Governor Kathy Hochul over the weekend. The Times Union says Hochul has proven herself an effective leader in the past year. The TU endorsement also goes after Congressman Lee Zeldin, saying he has too many far right associations and that zeldin they say, is on the wrong side of many issues.

A new poll out from Co/Efficient, has Congressman Lee Zeldin slightly ahead of Governor Kathy Hochul: Zeldin 43.6 percent, Hochul 43.3 percent. That same poll also has Zeldin over 10 points ahead of Hochul with both independents and unregistered voters. The New York Post points out, that the pollsters, Co Efficient, was the same conservative polling group that accurately predicted that Republican Glenn Youngkin would beat Democrat Terry McAulliffe in Virginia last year.