Hogan Optimistic About Alstom and St. James

July 1, 2015

HORNELL, NY – Speaking this morning on the WLEA Newsmaker Show, Mayor Shawn Hogan says he is optimistic about both Alstom getting the Amtrak contract and the future of St. James. “It’s a new day at Alstom,” Hogan told WLEA Newsmaker host Kevin Doran. “They have many contracts down there now, and they’re going after more.”

Regarding the hospital, Hogan says that things look good. “I’m here to tell everyone that the hospital is secure and moving forward in a very positive way,” Hogan said. He spoke highly of U.R. Medicine (Strong), and said that St. James is going out of their way to hire more doctors.

Click here to hear Hogan and John Buckley on today’s Newsmaker Show.