Hogan Slams Study That Claims Hornell Is The Most Flood Prone Place In The State

October 26, 2021

HORNELL, NY – A study is out and in the news today, about how Hornell NY, is supposedly the city “most prone” to being flooded. The study was conducted by the First Street Foundation, a climate change organization out of Brookyln, NY.

Below is Hornell IDA Consultant Shawn Hogan’s response, to a recent story, about this study.

My name is Shawn D. Hogan, I am the Executive Consultant with the City of Hornell Industrial Development Agency. Your recently released study rates the City of Hornell the number one flood prone City in New York. How did you arrive at this conclusion, this City has been protected by two Army Corp of Engineers Dams and a Flood Control system that runs throught the entire City, we never even flooded during Hurrican Agnes in the Flood of `72, we had no Flood waters impact the City other than run off and ground water in basements. This is a very damaging report for a small City who is experiencing unprecedented growth. Did anyone from your organization visit this community or talk to any community stakeholders. I await your response and I would love a full copy of this study and the logic and reasoning used to make these assumptions.

Shawn D. Hogan
Executive Consultant
Hornell Industrial Developmant Agency