Hogan Wants Help From County On Zombie House Problem

May 16, 2016
HORNELL, NY – Hornell Mayor Shawn Hogan (D, Hornell) wants the Steuben County Legislature to do more to help the city with the problem of abandoned properties. He says that the Steuben County Legislature is ignoring requests to get a land bank program going for Hornell. According to Mayor Hogan, the land banks program is a way to help towns get rid of “zombie” or abandoned homes, and empty lots (many of which are reportedly owned by out of towners).
Hogan says that for some reason, the county legislature ignores the Hogan/Weaver requests to get a land bank program going for Hornell. The mayor says it’s worked well in Allegany and Chemung Counties.
We caught up with Steuben County Majority Leader Gary Swackhamer (R, Hornell) who says that County Administrator Jack Wheeler brought it to the county finance committee, and that they’re working on it. Swackhamer also says he and the finance committee have no problem with Hornell getting a land bank program going. The majority leader maintains that the only objection to the land bank program was that Mayor Hogan wanted the whole county to become part of that program.
Swackhamer says if it’s Hornell only, no problem, we’ll all move ahead with it.