Hogan: What Services Will Be Part of the St James Future

March 4 2015

HORNELL, NY – Mayor Shawn Hogan says if the hospital moves to a new building, it will have to be a bigger facility than originally planned for, because there will be more services.

So what services will be available?

Hogan says it will be the following:

the nursing home, the dialysis services, the cancer clinic, an E.R., urgent care, labs, diagnostic, x-ray, ultra-sound, full surgery, will be a part of the future of St. James. There will be almost 2 dozen beds and you will be able to stay for 48 hours.

On maternity services, according to Hogan, we still don’t know for sure.

Mayor Hogan will be on tomorrow’s Newsmaker show after the 8:30 morning news on AM 1480 WLEA, to talk more about the hospital situation.  The show will be archived online afterwards.