Hometown Hero Flags In Arkport

May 18, 2022

By Jasmine Willis
ARKPORT — Arkport DPW Superintendent Logan Sliter was up all day installing the Hometown Hero Flags throughout the village. He submitted his report respectfully to the village board. A copy of the report shows he cut down a 40 foot pine tree in the cemetery, the banner permit has been approved, and he is still waiting to hear from the county about ditching the creek near the DPW. This is a concern in the village about the ditch washing out the road in high waters. The Eagle Scouts will be starting on their big project soon making benches, painting the fire hydrants, and installing street signs for the cemetery.

There has been an update to the UV system and hopefully the village will get that signed soon. The new meters are still in progress of being shipped to the village. Greg Lundergan who works on checking the water will be off for surgery about a couple months. There is talk from the village board of Bonnie Davis being able to replace him for the time being.
The village board approved funding for the truck and the money transfer.

In other business:

Arkport Trustee Mike Brewer said Hornellsville Supervisor Dan Broughton has paid $3,500 for the town rental agreement. Officials say that it needs to be determined what the next town rental agreement will be.

Arkport Mayor George Prete discussed making it a requirement for the code enforcer to appear at the village meetings. He wanted to make it part of the job description. Prete reached out to the county about working on the ditch that leads to the DPW. Prete reached out to Arkport Central Superintendent Jesse Harper about the need for a crossing guard next school year. He said he would get back to him on the matter.

The total amount of expenses for this period is $171, 617.92. This comes from the three funds, general fund at $13,323.82, water fund at $3,815.72, and capital fund at $154,478.38.