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Hornell 4th Ward Alderman Morey Not Seeking Re-election

March 12, 2023

From Mike Morey, Alderman 4th Ward:
To Hornell’s residents, City administration, and City staff: thank you for the ongoing opportunity to serve as Alderman of the 4th Ward. After much thought, I’ve decided not to seek reelection this November, after completing one term. While it has been a privilege representing the 4th Ward on Council, I’ve found my personality to be more impactful when engaging in community involvement outside of the political sphere. That said, it is an honor to serve with our Mayor, City workers, and fellow council members, all of whom serve with fundamental integrity.

During this term, my goal has been to foster a sense of cooperation between the City and its residents. My hope and expectation is that the person elected to succeed me will continue this goal. It has been a fulfilling experience getting to know my fellow council members, each of whom I fondly respect for their individual personalities, talents, and integrity. These are real people; be kind to them. Our civic duty is to encourage and hold our elected officials to the promises they make by using our vote.

I’d like to express deep gratitude for all those who are supporting and encouraging my term in office. Looking forward to next year and beyond, I’m excited to continue to work alongside leaders throughout Hornell as we strive to uphold a hometown that is strong, friendly, and sensible.

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