Hornell Alstom News

Things Going Well At Alstom in Hornell

HORNELL, N.Y.- The Hornell City Common Council met last night at city hall, with a special guest speaker, Mark Darrow-Site Manager, Hornell Alstom Inc. Darrow spoke on the state of Alstom and the exciting new contracts, and challenges the French based manufacturer, will take on in the coming years in Hornell N.Y. The Transportation division has been awarded several rail car projects, and are ramping up operations on the contracts from Philadelphia, Maryland, and Boston, as they engineering giant steps back into the refurbishment game full time.

Mr. Darrow talked about the investment of vast amounts time and resources that Alstom has put into getting the transportation group back into the fold, as a global player doing business on every continent. North America is responsible for a fraction of Alstom’s global presence, as an engineering firm, however Darrow quickly pointed out that Hornell is the hub of their rail activity. The “ramp up” for the latest surge in business started in April, 2012. at that time Alstom employed roughly 50 workers, compared to the 275 employees that are on the company payroll at this time. Darrow noted that at this time, Alstom has contracts for refurbishment of rail cars in Baltimore, Philadelphia, and two in Boston, one on the “green line” cars and another on the “bi-level” cars used in commuter scenarios. Also Mr Darrow spoke of a contract for Ottawa Canada, to design a rail train, 48 meters, or one hundred and fifty feet long, that is being developed for used in that city, Darrow noted that because of the length of the train, a building would have to constructed in order to house the train indoors while being built.

The news of Alstom’s rolling stock division rising couldn’t come at a better time, as Hornell and many surrounding communities look to climb out of the paralyzing recession that has caused many local businesses to fail. Mayor Shawn Hogan noted that several other businesses are starting to turn the corner as well. TTA, and ATM rail, both tied to Alstom’s success, as sub contractors, also have indicated a influx of business and local hires, as well as the Trikeenan Tileworks which “is going gangbusters”, purchasing new equipment and possibly adding a third shift. Hogan added that “we are on the crux of great things” in Hornell.

In other action, the Hornell Common Council enacted a smoking ban that applies to school bus stops throughout the city. In the interest of health and safety, considering the dangers of second hand smoke, the city has adopted a no smoking zone anywhere there is a school bus stop, which has been defined as; “any location in the city of Hornell where students are present, waiting for school bus pick ups, or being discharged by school buses either going to school, or coming from the school, or any other activities”. The Ordinance prohibits the use of any tobacco products within thirty (30) feet of the above defined school bus stops. The law provides that any would be smokers that continue and get caught smoking at prohibited locations, will be fined, from not less than $50.00 to no more than $150.00 for each offense. Mayor Hogan noted that with any new law such as this, the first step is going to be education, and enforcement will almost certainly rely on residents responsibility and common sense, given the impossible nature of placing officers of the law at all bus stops in the city. However, also warned that officers will enforce the law if they visually see it being broken.

The next common council meeting is set for December 18th 2013, which will close out the 2013 schedule for the City Common Council.