Hornell Board of Public Works News

June 21st, 2018

HORNELL, NY – Hornell Mayor John Buckley opened Thursday mornings Public Works meeting by thanking recently passed and longtime board member Stan Hill for his years of service to the city. “Stan will be sorely missed,” said the mayor, “He was great guy and I was fortunate to get to work with him over the past few years. He was a very sweet man, gentlemen’s gentleman.”

DPW head Mitch Cornish had some news about the water input/out at the treatment and filter plants in the city. According to Cornish, the water filter plant is pumping out 66 million gallons a month while the treatment plant is taking in 68 million gallons. “When the numbers are that close, it means we have pretty much all the major leaks buttoned up. We leak test every 3 years and when that rolls around we will have an update.” There was a major leak at the NYSDOT building, and the city decided to give them a break on their water bill. It usually runs $165, but because of the break it ran up to $2400.

Cornish also said the DPW has been very busy as of late. “We been out patching pot holes and fixing trenches and we just finished up work on Seneca Street. We will continue our blacktopping program with Delaware Ave, River St, Brookman Lane, and Cottage Ave on the list.”

Cornish also addressed the issue of brush in the city. “Brush has been ungodly this year, and people need to understand we only have one truck. We are out there every day doing the best we can, and I am still getting complaints. Don’t go out and cut a large tree or bush down and expect us to be there the next day.”

In other news the Water Treatment Plant has officially hired Josh Scialpa as an Assistant Operator. He begins his job on June 21st.

And finally the following events were approved: Finger Lakes Homeschool BBQ at Shawmut Park August 25th; Cub Scout Day Camp from July 30 through August 2nd at Shawmut Park; Associations Gus Maker Party July 28th.