Hornell BPW Update

December 20th, 2018

HORNELL, NY – The Board of Public Works met this morning for the last time in 2018 and a couple issues were discussed and will be addressed.

Water Treatment plant supervisor Rich Dunning said that the new bar screen is finally in place and there is only a few punch list items yet to be done to complete that project. Unfortunately all did not go smooth as Dunning explained that when a new 3” water line was dug through the floor to run a pump, 4 electrical conduits were accidentally cut leaving parts of the plant temporarily without power. “It was an honest mistake,” said Dunning, “We reviewed all the plans and those electrical lines were nowhere to be seen on any blueprints.” Dunning said the cost to repair the lines will be around $6,000.

Also it was reported that the sewer lining project is going well and is nearing completion. DPW workers are currently on Ontario Street but they had to take a break because a lot of unexpected sewage was coming into the treatment plant. When questioned by the Mayor about when that project will be complete, it was stated that at this point they are unsure, but can say that this is the last section to be completed, so it should not be too much longer.

Water Filter plant operator Len Fucci told the board that water usage is steadily climbing again and was concerned about possible water leaks. It was reported that there were 2 water leaks over the weekend, a 4” line on Delaware Ave and a ¾” service on Davenport Street that have been addressed. Fucci also stated that Boces and Green Acres Park also have leaks, with Boces alone losing 20,000 gallons a day. They are still searching for the exact location of those leaks.

And finally it was announced that the Moose Club on the corner of Seneca and Genesee Streets had their sewer line collapse. According to all in attendance that news was rather depressing as they will have to dig up Seneca Street after it was just recently redone.