Hornell Capital Project Update

September 2, 2015

HORNELL N.Y.- The Hornell City School District Board of Education met Wednesday night for a summer graduation of two students. Also on the agenda the school board \\ heard a building condition survey from Chad Snowburg of Hunt Engineers Architects & Land Surveyors. Snowburg laid out approximately twenty million dollars worth of construction that he recommended that be done at the combined Hornell School facilities none of the those projects were deemed as critical at this point.
The Hornell Board also heard from Andy Billotte, the project manager working on the capitol projects and outlay projects, noting the progress and upcoming schedule for work that has already had funds allocated. Superintendent Wyant noted that the continuing construction projects are part of his philosophy to keep the tax rate lower by maintaining the facilities as you can, rather than waiting til there are things that come up in critical need all at once.