Hornell Chief Operator Of Water Pollution Control – Sends Out Survey

June 17, 2022

Attention Hornell City Sewer Users: As part of our responsibilities to run the Hornell Sewage Plant, we will be surveying the retail and industrial users of the sewer system in the coming weeks. This may include Industries, Dentists’ offices, Restaurants, and Retail users. There are about 50 businesses in Hornell and Hornellsville that will receive a survey.

We noted the amount of water used and then made a judgment based on historical knowledge of the usage and the customers as to whether each should be included in the next phase of information gathering. With this further information we will be able to review how the business uses the sewers. After we review the returned surveys we will visit some of the businesses to gather more information and to explain the Industrial User Program.

With this kind of information we can control the kinds of industrial flow that can lead to pass-through of toxics through our sewage plant into the Canisteo River, we can also control metallic waste that would prevent us from land applying our sludge in farmer’s fields and it will help us protect sewage plant worker safety by ensuring that toxics form industry do not contact our workers.

We appreciate your cooperation in filling out and returning the surveys.

Sincerely yours,
Rich Dunning