Hornell City School District Explains Budget Tuesday

May 3rd, 2018

HORNELL, NY – The Hornell School Board laid out their 2018-19 budget before a relatively quiet Public Hearing Tuesday evening at the Columbian School. The $39,510,674 budget for 2018-19 is almost $1.4 million higher than the 2017-18 budget. According to the board, the budget includes a 2.45% tax increase, still well under the allowed 3.86% they could have gone up too without a super majority vote.

According to school officials, if your home is accessed at $100,000, the estimated tax increase of the proposed budget would be $44, not including STAR deductions. With the increased budget comes a wide variety of additional programs and security. These include:

•The addition of a pre-kindergarten program
•The addition of a PK-3 art program with the addition of a full time teacher
•An increase in Boces spending by $131,000
•Enhanced training for staff
•A 1:1 device program for grades 7-12
•Increased security with the addition of a peace officer
•Full implementations of guided reading and writing units of study
•Emphasis on collaboration among teachers and continued alignment of curriculum

There will be two propositions on the ballot. The first being the 2018-19 General Fund Budget of $39,510,674 and the second authorizing a lease agreement for school buses. Also will be the election of one school board member to replace Josh Delaney to serve a 5 year term through 2023.

Voting takes place May 15th from noon to 9pm at the Hornell Senior High School.